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Current Residence: Somewhere in Brazil
Favourite genre of music: From rock and roll to classical
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau, Impressionism, Realism
Wallpaper of choice: Fantastic
Favourite cartoon character: Kevin Levin, Beast, Belle, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Vegeta, Woody...
I first learned about the Rejected Princesses a few weeks ago, through a page I´m following on Facebook (actually a site that has an FB account). It frequently posts feministic articles - but let´s go to the point. 

Unlike many of you are probably thinking, this has nothing to do with Eylowny, Kida, Giselle and other less popular/famous Disney girls who aren´t officially in the group "the Princesses".  No, this is the idea of a creative, intelligent illustrator, called Jason Porath - he used to work in Dreamworks.  After reading some old-fashioned critic that accused Frozen girls of "not being a role model", he started this serie of ilustrations of notable, interesting women, which, for this or that reason, never would be in a Disney movie - because their stories are too violent, amoral, weird, etc.   There are romance characters like the infamous Lolita, legendary characters like Corn Maiden, but mainly, women who really existed. Some are more like villainesses, like Queen Fredegunde (who tried to kill her own daughter closing the lid of a chest on her neck), Elizabeth Bathory and the Empress Wu Zetan;  others were awesome warriors, getting on roles that mostly are considered "man stuff".  

The big point is, okay, I had heard of Lolita (who hasn´t?) m but most members of RP list are unknown characters I never heard before... and I´m actually getting addicted on this. I even started reading the Ramayana after learning about Sita (but to know why, look in the gallery).

My favorites until now:  

Julie d´Aubigny/La Maupin- A swordsgirl, opera singer and outlaw, who lived in 17th French and literally burned a nunnery for love.  I suspect strongly that the creator of The Rose of Versailles was inspired on her - even if a little - to create Lady Oscar.

Shajar Al Durr - she turned the Seventh Cruzade into a big fiasco :devilish: and demanded a huge Ransom for Louis IX of France.   (I never had a good opinion about the Cruzades or anyone who wants to push its own religion down the others´ throats)

Ida B. Wells - she fought the lynching on EUA. 

Petra Herrera - an amazing soldadera (soldier woman who fought in Mexican revolution). Too bad that Pancho Villa was a sexist pig who refused giving credits to women.

Kuthulun - the "wrestling princess" - in order to escape from marriage, she defied her suitors for a fight. (and no, she didn´t kill the losers, but they became considerably poor). She actually inspired the opera Turandot, according to Jason, but the opera character has nothing to do with the original.  (centuries before Walt Disney was born, the opera writers already changed the stories as they wished)

Mariya Oktyabrskaya - she fought in a tank during World War 2 - wanna more badass than that?

To know the rest of the Rejected Princesses already posted, see here:…

Obs: if you know someone who could fit, ask Jason. He loves suggestions (but he received hundreds by day, so God knows when yours will come).  I already suggested him to make Anita Garibald and Maria Bonita - respectivelly, a revolutionary heroine and a bandit, both from Brazil. 
  • Reading: Ramayana
  • Playing: Bubble Witch Saga 2
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi

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there are so many wrong things in omniverse.the jokes are so stupid and the fact that the series tries to be more anime-like is a disaster. remember when cow and chicken made cameo in omniverse? weasel from 'i am weasel' made a cameo too. derrick said on his stupid formspring that he used to love the,so he made a character who looks just like weasel. oh,and he's still voiced by the same,weasel is officially a plumber! this is so wrong! i can't take this anymore. so much pointless cameos from other cartoon network characters and so many rip-offs.what's next?! a red guy cameo?! don't be surprised when we'll see a fat devil-like alien with a big red naked butt.
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