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Current Residence: Somewhere in Brazil
Favourite genre of music: From rock and roll to classical
Favourite style of art: Art Nouveau, Impressionism, Realism
Wallpaper of choice: Fantastic
Favourite cartoon character: Kevin Levin, Beast, Belle, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Vegeta, Woody...

I watched DBZ Battle of the Gods this week - at last! - and, after reading so many negative critics on YT, I decided to put my own impressions, both there and here.

Things I hated:

1)Vegeta acting as a clown to distract Bills... I had no guts to watch that part, so I jumped it, too painful for me. That was really cruel from AT, though I don´t think that Veggie was OOC as so many fans said. Just watch the last part of Buu Saga, or better, read the manga, there are so many funny Vegeta moments while he´s helping Goku - not mentioning his horrified face when Gohan suggests him to wear a Saiyaman outit. So, NO, he´s not OOC. You really should see him in Neko-Majin manga or Cross-Epoch - both drawn by Akira Toryiama. 
2) Excessive comedy... really, I miss the dramatic moments from DBZ. 
3)Bill´s master: that pansy glutton is annoying. 
4)The videogame 3D effects on Goku/Bills battle - hey, that´s a movie, not X-Box! 
5) Vegeta calling Goku "Goku", when he was in the group. 
6)Gohan getting beaten so easily - Gotenks, 18, Buu, it´s okay, but I really expected that Bills had some hard time with Gohan´s mystic powers.
7) Videl´s pregnancy made me a little confused - wasn´t Bra supposed to be older than Pan?

What I liked:

1)BV moments, of course! Until this movie, I used to believe that only in fanfics we´d see Vegeta turning SSJ because of Bulma. I´d like to see him using his powers against some strong villain he´d actually COULD fight. (and it was really cute Bulma carrying him - and Vegeta ALLOWING her to do it - and holding his hand to calm him down)
2)Goku suggesting that Bulma should be slapped by the villains, so Vegeta would get stronger, and receiving what he deserves.
3)Shen-long scared by Bills, and revealing that there were once good Saiyajins in Vegeta-sei.
4)Goku having to be helped by the others Saiyans to get stronger, even though it was inspired on DBGT - it was quite a solace to see Goku´s power having its limits, and he admitting his pride was hurt for that. Made him more... human. 
5)Trunks and Mai - lovely! I hated to see the trio Pilaf-dog-Mai so old and decadent in DBGT, and I don´t like Trunks/Pan, either. It would be really nice if Trunks "tamed" Mai, just like Bulma did to Yamcha and Vegeta. 
6) Mr. Kaioh asking Vegeta´s help - it was really cool, to see Mr Kaioh trusting him on that point, when he could have warned Gohan, Piccolo or someone else.
7) Capsule Corp yard turning into a ship, so who couldn´t fly could watch the fight (why the Hell 18 was there, too?). Bulma was prepared this time!

So, in the end was balanced, I guess. 

  • Listening to: Holding Out For a Hero
  • Eating: Bonbons
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi

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I post your stuff whenever they´re good - make good points. You can do smart stuff when you really want to - the big point is you can repeat the same thing all over, or people will stop paying attention (I can say that cause I commited the same big mistake).
popaandreea Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
i didn't know this site 'meme center' before,whatever i tried to find a good site for editing pictures.
there are so many wrong things in omniverse.the jokes are so stupid and the fact that the series tries to be more anime-like is a disaster. remember when cow and chicken made cameo in omniverse? weasel from 'i am weasel' made a cameo too. derrick said on his stupid formspring that he used to love the,so he made a character who looks just like weasel. oh,and he's still voiced by the same,weasel is officially a plumber! this is so wrong! i can't take this anymore. so much pointless cameos from other cartoon network characters and so many rip-offs.what's next?! a red guy cameo?! don't be surprised when we'll see a fat devil-like alien with a big red naked butt.
SilverLady7 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Or an annoying ballerina in pink tutu. 
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Querida, dá uma olhada nisso aqui:
Chocante! Ainda não vi o filme, só algumas caps, mas é a Elsa!
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É mesmo a cara dela! :)
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